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About Us

Impact Investing Platform “Etkiyap” is Turkey’s first impact investing platform anchored in inclusivity, transparency and sustainability.

The platform aims to train, communicate, research and advocate for the growth of impact investing as the investment instrument of choice in Turkey. Etkiyap leads the development of an impact investing ecosystem with the collaboration of governmental institutions, public and private sector companies, universities and non-governmental organisations.

Etkiyap aims to advocate for impact investing in Turkey.

Etkiyap’s goals are;

  • Raising awareness regarding impact investing among individuals and institutions,
  • Making impact investing a preferred choice for investment in Turkey,
  • Conducting training, research and projects on impact investing.
  • Organising an annual Impact Investing Forum in Turkey in collaboration with governmental institutions, private and public companies, universities and non-governmental organisations to promote impact investing via knowledge transfer and networking.

What is Etkiyap?

Etkiyap is a platform founded by Şafak Müderrisgil and Sertaç Yeltekin to promote impact investing as a progressive concept and an investment model. Etkiyap operates under the Impact Investing Association in Turkey.


Etkiyap’s mission is to raise awareness regarding impact investing among different sectors and the public, as a stakeholder within the ecosystem.


Şafak Müderrisgil

Founder / Chair of the Executive Committee

Sertaç Yeltekin

Founder / Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee

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